For the purchase of the property and the construction of the building including the equipment approximately €140,000 was necessary. The plot of land is about 1/2 hectare and consists of a built-up area, a playground for the children in front of the house, as well as a cultivation area for vegetables and small animals (chickens, rabbits). The building itself consists of two floors and is divided into two wings. In the right part there is a large common room, which is used for dining and homework, furthermore there is a kitchen, a storeroom, as well as an office. On the first floor above there is a chapel for fairs, storerooms, sanitary facilities and bedrooms. In the left wing on the ground floor there is the dormitory for the girls, the corresponding sanitary rooms, as well as the bedrooms for the supervisors. On the first floor above is the same for the boys.


A further €24,000 was invested in the purchase of the neighboring property which will be used for the cultivation of corn, beans and potatoes. For an optimal use of the cultivated area however, there is too little water, which is why a well is absolutely necessary.


About €20.000 was then used for the start of agriculture. This was used to purchase farm animals (cows, pigs, calves, chickens) to build stables for the animals and storage facilities for feed. In addition, agricultural equipment such as a feed shredder and an incubator for the eggs were purchased.


Since the children moved into the orphanage in March 2012, the fixed costs (salaries, school fees, food, etc.) amount to approximately €55,000 per year.


In February 2015 the first two children have already started high school. Save-a-Soul supports these children until the end of their school education by covering the school and boarding school costs.